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Episode 49: 2023 National Crew Appreciation Week

Coming soon! November 6th- 10th will be a single week out of the year for the events industry to show its appreciation for the people who make the events we know and love possible!

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NCAW ideas:  

✓ Post crew shoutouts, pictures, and spotlights on social media using the hashtag #NationalCrewAppreciationWeek  

✓ Create 'Thank You' videos or notes  

✓ Host Happy Hours or lunches for your team  

✓ Give away company swag 

Planning something creative? Don't forget to tag LASSO on social so we can help spotlight your team!  


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[00:00:00] Intro: Welcome to Corralling the Chaos podcast, where we talk publicly about the things you're worried about privately. My name is Angela Alea and I'm your host. This is the event industry podcast for companies and crew, where we're going to go deep and nothing is off limits. 

[00:00:22]Angela Alea: Welcome back to another episode of Corralling the Chaos. Today I want to shine a light on something so obvious, but companies still continue to get wrong. Bye for now. Maybe it's because they're busy. Maybe it's because they're fully focused on their clients, which isn't a bad thing. Maybe it's because they're focused on paying the bills and just kind of fighting through all the operational challenges that exist when running a business.

[00:00:40] But today I want us all to be reminded of the most important phrase in our industry, and that is just saying thank you. It's just a simple two words, but they're really powerful, but let's take it a step further and not just say thank you, but actually show our [00:01:00] appreciation. I mean, the talent in this industry is what makes it so special.

[00:01:04] It's not our clients, although they're great and they do pay the bills. It's not your gear, however cool it is. It's not your process that you've innovated over the last few years. And it's not even your technology, it's your people. So why do we continue to hear horror stories of nonpayment, late payment, low wages, jerks at show site, unsafe working environments?

[00:01:27] when it's really just so simple to do the right thing. And so it's hard to believe it's that time of year again to begin thinking about National Crew Appreciation Week that's coming in early November. And I just wanted to use this platform as a reminder, a nudge, whatever we want to call it please show your people some love and appreciation.

[00:01:50] As we always say around here, and we're gonna always say it and forever say it, Every event experience is only as good as the people who make it happen. [00:02:00] And when we say that, just who exactly are we talking about? We're really talking about anyone and everyone that touches an event. So creatives, sales, productions, project managers, operations, labor coordinators, warehouse techs, drivers who get your gear there on time.

[00:02:14] The crew on site, like our stagehands, utility techs, audio, video, lighting, it's everybody. And this list alone is just evidence of just how many people it takes to pull off a great event. So let's not take that for granted. And I'm sure we've all seen the strikes that are happening in TV and film, and society is going to take a hit because we all love to be entertained with TV and film and our events.

[00:02:38] Like concerts and sporting events and festivals and so many more. And so as we think about National Crew Appreciation Week, which again is November 6th through 10th, let's talk about the part you can play in that. And it's really, and it's simple, and it just takes a few minutes to do. So let's think about some ways that you can participate [00:03:00] just by saying thank you to the people who make your events a success.

[00:03:03] First thing is the obvious, just saying thank you. I mean, when you think about how often are you pausing and in that moment and not just a, Hey, thanks. Hey, thanks. But like a, Hey, thanks. I really appreciate you going above and beyond. Hey, thanks for doing that. Hey, thanks for sacrificing this. Hey, thanks for referring people to help us pull this off.

[00:03:21] So last minute. Another one is writing a thank you. I kind of think that's a lost art, but it's so powerful. Takes less than three minutes to do. And that's something that sets you apart. I mean, when we're all competing for great talent, do the things that set you apart, be the company that the people you're looking for are looking for.

[00:03:42] Another thing is take a picture, tag them in social tag them with the national crew appreciation week, and add a comment as to what exactly you appreciate about them. Take the time to really get personal and specific. Another thing is record a quick video expressing gratitude for [00:04:00] someone who's gone above and beyond.

[00:04:02] For you and someone that you appreciate. If you have a story where someone literally saved the show or stood out for some reason, tell it. Tell the story. Brag on those people. If you physically work in an office full of talented people who make your event successful, bring in lunch, take a group pic, share what makes them great.

[00:04:20] Tag them. It doesn't matter what you do, but do something that show them that you care. There's a saying that says, people don't care how much you know. Until they know how much you care. And I know this industry cares for these people who make these events happen. So let's carve out some time the week of November 6th through the 10th to pause.

[00:04:42] Say, thank you show that you're appreciative of them. It's one week a year and let's not try to do it just one week a year, but let's use this week to really kind of shine a spotlight on all the great people behind the scenes who make things happen. So, again, please set aside some time to do that, and we would [00:05:00] love to hear those stories and to see those posts.

[00:05:02] If you post on social, just be sure you tag LASSO, tag National Crew Appreciation Week, just so we can follow and repost those things. And if there are companies that you, to all the crew out there, if there are companies out there that you think do a really good job, where you feel appreciated, brag on them.

[00:05:20] Let's start socializing the companies that get this right, and don't just do it one week a year, but do it day in and day out, where you feel respected and appreciated. So tag those companies as well, who do a great job doing that. All right, that's it for this quick episode, or our PSA for the, month.

[00:05:38] But thanks for listening. If you like what you hear, be sure to hit subscribe. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter that we send out a couple times a month. And if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, reach out to us at Thanks everybody.[00:06:00]



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